#35602, Question Regarding Mint Links


I previously posted a question regarding mint link top-ups (#35602 28 March 2022).

For some reason, the total amount minted displayed in the screenshot provided by [fiorescan] in my last post does not seem to reflect the actual amount minted. The following screenshot was sent to us by one of the attendees:

Many attendees also don’t seem to appear in the “you and 12 more were there” section on the app. But these attendees do indeed have the POAP in their collection.

I would like to create another POAP for another upcoming event in the next few days, and would love to know what seems to be the issue/what can be done so more mint links can be provided smoothly upon submission.




Do all of your attendees have active & integrated wallets? or were the POAPs claimed by email via the app? ( Email claims will not show-up, until they are linked with a wallet. Metamask etc.)

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Please reach out if you need further assistance.

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