#35192 - All About Blockchain - March 29 2022

  1. #35192

  2. Community information
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/creatokia
    Our Website: The Digital Original - Creatokia
    The website for the event the token is commemorating: https://www.all-about-blockchain.com/
    our discord: Creatokia

  3. Nature of the event
    We are celebrating a digital summit which aims on educational topics for writers, authors of any kind for using WEB3 technology for writing and publishing for example with NFTs. Our Platform Creatokia is a literature NFT Platform for authors and publishers. The Summit tries to help gettingb people into the new possibilities and to understand the chances and risks

  4. Distribution plan
    i plan to dristribute the POAPs during the digital Summit via a website. we have around 900 registrations for the event till today, so i plan to privide 888 POAPs

  5. Why do you believe this petition is being held?
    Maybe my submission is not yet approved because i the event title is call All-ABout-Blockchain and not All-About-Creatokia? the event is hosted by us from creatokia but we did not want to only talk about us, we partner with authors who will talk on the summit and other partners who will be on stage at the event. thats why Creatokia is not part of the POAPs title. But you can find clear information and se Creatokia, and myself on the Agenda of the event website.

Thanks a lot for helping me getting my first POAP done, i hope i get an approavel for this and afterwards for the Website wirth the intention of distributing 888 POAPs. If this are to much you can help me with an advice. Thanks in advance, best, Carsten

Hey @Casila

As I can see, you requested 0 POAPs in your petition. Is that correct? Please check and let us know if you need any help.

Hello @Fio thanks for your feedback, thats correct, i did so because i want to distribute the POAPs via the website. In the tutorials it is said that i had to go with 0 POAPs:

isn’t that right?

my assumption was:

  1. setup the poap with 0 mints
  2. wait for your approval
  3. with your feedback of approval i wanted to go to the websites admin panel and ask for the POAPs
  4. see above in my question and number4 distruibution plan

Am i wrong or what can i do to get the website solution up and running. i am abit afraid becaus our event is tomorrow…?

Thanks again alot for your help, best from Frankfurt, Germany,

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Hey @Casila

You don’t need approval to request the website petition. Sorry if that’s confusing!

:white_check_mark: Tip: Use a random URL, don’t use a word that is in the title or the description of your drop.
We highly recommend using a GUID (https://www.guidgenerator.com/)

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Thanks so much for your help, havent seen so i answered on discored as well and no answer without a new question, sorry for that. so here my question i put in the discord chat:

oh no, lessen learnt: i can vcreate the website right away afterwards and you do your job of approving only with the website? makes totaly sense as no POAP mints has been included in the first place

@Fiore | POAP we have around a thousend registered participants for the event, i wanted to ask for 888 POAPs, but with a no-show rate of guests and asuming that not everybody is preperaed with a wallet adress i think i can go with less. is the chance of getting an approval higher if i ask for 444 instead of 888? sorry for a maybe silly question, its, besides a small test, the first POAP i am doing.

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i went with the lower number, i hope that helps getting an approve? :angel:
looking forward to celebrate my first event with POAPs, :rocket: thanks again in advance
best wishes from Frankfurt,

Congrats, looks like your website petition received a positive review. You’re all ready to go! :rocket:

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body

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