34950 - First Branding discussion - BRANDVERSE AMA - Claim with POAP.delivery


please approve the drop request for 34950 - First Branding discussion - BRANDVERSE AMA
I uploaded a list of 177 unique addresses. We got the addresses through a form, placed inside our Discord, during our Discord AMA. We had 200 people following the AMA and 177 filled the form. We requested for each address also the Discord username, in this way we made sure to avoid POAP farming.
Other than requesting 177 POAP through POAP.delivery I requested also 30 unique links, this is for around 10 people that had problems filling the form, plus we need some more in case someone else have problems in claiming.
This is the POAP 10 we are issuing, and the forth one with poap.delivery, we always had some problems (especially with ENS domain) for 5/10 people, so that’s why I requested extra link.

Please approve this request.

More info about Brandverse here, we are working closely with the POAP team, and we just love what you are doing:
http://brandversenft.com/ (new site will be released this week)

We love POAPs and we are using them to engage our community in our activities and AMAs.

Thank you

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Hey @Siberia7922

Thanks for all the context. We’re happy to check on the status of your petition :slight_smile:

:wave: :ocean: @Siberia7922
Congrats!! Your petitions have been reviewed with positive results :star2: :dizzy:

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body