#34709 - LearnWeb3 x Polygon - Working in Web3

Event ID#: #34709

Description: LearnWeb3 is a developer focused web3 education platform. We are a community of ~25k people, and helping train many new and experienced developers from web2 to web3.


We will be running a Twitter Space in collaboration with Polygon on 2nd April 2022, and wanted to hand out POAPs for attendees of the space.

In fact, we will be running spaces once every 2 weeks with various partners, and would like to hand out POAPs to track attendance.

Date: 2nd April 2022

Codes Requested: 500

Distribution Method: Website

Spoke with Dyllon over at support, and I understand we do not want POAPs to be farmed. I do not want to use the Secrets method to avoid the prerequisite of having the mobile app installed, but what I was thinking was we can do the Website distribution method along with a 10-15 claim window (not one day) to keep the window short and only have people actually on the Twitter Space be able to claim the POAP.


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Hey @haardikkk

I understand. The problem with Secret Website is that it can be leaked/farmed and it’s not an appropriate method for Twitter Spaces.

Maybe you can apply for degen bot? Degen allows for automated distribution of POAPs to attendees of Discord stages or Twitter Spaces.

Here you can find more info about Degen: Third-Party POAP Tools | POAP Help Center


Another option is to use Secret Word. Please find more info regarding this distribution method here: POAP Distribution Methods 101 | POAP Help Center

DEGEN Botsays it supports Twitter Spaces but all the docs are for Discord stages.

We could potentially make do with a Secret Word, would that help in getting approved?

Yes, Secret would work.

Here are some tips for setting up the Secret and avoiding farming:

  • Use a random Secret; don’t use a word that is in the title of your drop. For example, for a drop titled “Isabel’s Birthday at Ahupulco,” a secret word like “WeLovePuppies” is fine, but “IsabelAhupulco” is easy to guess and should not be used.

  • Activate the Secret only at the start of your event and deactivate it as soon as it finishes.

  • Only say the word verbally (don’t share it by DM or elsewhere online).

Alright, I have created a petition for a secret word drop and requested 500 codes. Hopefully can have it approved in time before our twitter space on saturday.

Congrats, looks like your petition received a positive review.

Hope you had enjoyed the event :slight_smile:

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body