#34688 - request for more links

Hi team - I requested additional mints for my event #34688 but didn’t realize they’ll come again as a secret word. I manually collected the names for the overflow so was hoping to just get actual links.

We had 1,800 people tune in so was hoping to get another 200 mint links if possible please and thank you!


We will be able to review your request shortly.

In the interim please submit the request for 200 Mint-links. (Note: “This is not indicate a positive review”)


Hey Frankie - I did submit the request but when it was submitted it went through as a secret word request. Do I need to resubmit again? @frankie

Hey @antw0n3

As I can see, you received a positive review for 250 mint links :slight_smile:
Congrats! Let us know if that’s ok for your event.

Hey! @antw0n3

We are closing this thread, due to inactivity.

Please reach out if you need further assistance.

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body