#34427 - nftychat.xyz Beta Launch Party @imnotArt Chicago 22-03-23

Description: Celebrate the Beta launch of nftychat.xyz at imnotArt Chicago! nftychat is a new way to chat with your web3 frens. Powering the future of open sourced, community based NFT tools to foster growth for the blossoming ecosystem.

At the event we will discuss Web3.0 community building tools & safety. Attendees will be able to be some of the first to experiment with the nftychat platform.

Codes: 50
Distribution: Dispenser

Hey @neckbeard.eth!
Can you try answering the questions provided in the template? See About the Appeals category for reference.

Updated the title to include the date. If that was the hold up. Iā€™m actually on a call right now with Sam about a new distribution method for this event.

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Thanks for the update @neckbeard.eth and thanks @TheSquanch for helping them!
Looks like your drop received a positive review, congrats! :dizzy:

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