#34423 - Chicago Fashion Coalition @imnotArt Chicago 22-03-22

Description: The partnership will begin with this in person event, March 22nd 2022 from 7-9 pm CT. The imnotArt team will give a walkthrough of the space, introduce gallery team/artists, and will host a general networking session for us all to learn more about the metaverse and decide where is best to build in Web 3.0 based on your strengths.

CFC is disrupting and elevating Chicago fashion by building a platform to centralize resources and build community.
Codes: 50
Distribution: Dispenser

Hey, Can you try answering the questions provided in the template? See About the Appeals category for reference.

Was this because I didn’t include the date in the name? This was my first time messing that up but this event is today. I’ve edited the name.

Hey, did you submit this event today (like, more or less now?)

No I submitted these yesterday but I forgot to put the date in the title. Ive updated the title to fit the template. Sorry for the confusion. I’ve never had a POAP get denied and this was the first time I inadvertently didn’t put in the date into the title of the request. I did include a screenshot as usual that had the date but it was not directly in the title so maybe that was why this didn’t get approved.

I don’t think it got denied - its probably if you did it tomorrow night we just haven’t gotten to it yet… and are doing system updates this morning, so no touching anything right now.

I got this response from fiorescan on both my events for today and tomorrow. I updated the titles. Sorry for the confusion. I went on autopilot submitting these and forgot to add the date into the title.

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