34104 Meta Fashion House - Event ID 34104

Hello @Fio, I hope you are having a good day. would it be possible to get more codes for today? we have already run out - this is for Metaverse Fashion Week in DCL.
We have a panel talk and Aluna performing and we have already run through the first 100 codes.
Is 500 an appropriate number to ask for? Thank you. POAP Gallery

Hey @astrid

Your drop was pretty seriously compromised :confused:

Check out all the addresses with tremendous numbers of POAPs:

How are you distributing the POAPs?

I took a look and it looks like 97 supply and 106 transfers.

I am not sure why that would mean it is compromised. We are using the recommended booth with security measures in place (captcha). Therefore, please explain what you mean. I see friend’s names who were there on the list as well(?) so your statement is very confusing to me. If there is something we should be doing better, please let me know. I have @hprivakos hosting on his server and ArnJJoe placing the dispenser in-scene. Two very capable Decentraland pros. Please expand on your theory of compromise so that I can let them know and we can fix the issue.
Thank you for writing,

as a second reply, the vast majority of addresses on this list have one claimed poap. Where are you seeing the compromise? @Fio

To be clear, i dont need any more poaps now. It is a bit late for that. But I do want to understand what you are saying. Thank you.

When we say a Drop was “compromised”, it means the POAPs have been collected by farmers (people seeking free NFTs).

As we can see in the POAP Gallery, there are collectors with more than 2K of POAPs (If you click on “Power” you can order by the amount of POAPs of each collector). These people are POAP farmers and they don’t add community value or engagement.

For future events, we recommend:

:white_check_mark: Mark your drop as Private
:white_check_mark: Don’t pre-announce there will be a POAP for your event
:white_check_mark: Setting a short minting window

Let us know if you have any questions!

@Fio Yes it appears even after hiding the machine in a top floor and a captcha there are still bots. Noted. This is why we are doing the Crypto Chicks POAPS privately, just as an added measure. Thanks.

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