#33914 - Mystar competition season 1 - Elite Players

Event ID: #33914
Description: Holding this badge means that you participated in the Mystar competition season 1 and were in the top 20 in that season!
Codes Requested: 20
Distribution: Delivery (Eth address list)

Thank you

Can you check it for me? @HeuRea

Hey @ytjoe,
Could you next time use the template that is provided automatically when creating a new topic in the Appeals category ?

I see that you have 2 events, one for normal participants and one for “Elite Players”.
Could you give us some more information about the event ?
What was the event about ? How did you collect the addresses ?

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Thank you for your reply. I’ll use the automatic template next time

My team has made a chain game, which is distributed according to the ranking in this round of competition

I got these addresses from the BSC chain used by our chain game

Hey @ytjoe,
We reviewed both of your events with positive results :slight_smile:
You can access it here :