#33881 - Ethica AIBC (20-Mar)

1. Drop ID: 33881
2. Community information:
Ethica is a proprietary and purpose-built digital exchange ecosystem focused on driving the environmental, social and governance (ESG) narrative and advancing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDG).
Climate change, global warming, deforestation income gap inequality and lack of access to education and technology are just some of the issues that threaten the future of the world as we know it. Ethica was founded on the premise that we must do our part to ensure the continued existence of our planet and society for the future of our children. Our vision is to empower investors and communities to create an ethical, inclusive and sustainable world. Impoverished and underserved communities form a significant part of humanity, and it is imperative that we positively impact as large a population as possible in order to create meaningful change.
2. Nature of the event
The very first event to spread the word, image and vision of Ethica to the investors. The attendees will have the opportunity to fill out the form and receive a POAP to ensure the attendees will be the first on Ethica’s investment opportunities.
The event plans to unite the policy-makers, developers, C-suite executives and legal experts of the burgeoning AI and Blockchain sectors.
3. Distribution plan
The event expects 5000 attendees. Each user will scan QR code on brochure → Redirected to a landing page → fill form with their details on the landing page → We then confirm and send the thank you email after the event with the POAP unique link. The POAP can be claimed once.
4. Why do you believe this petition is being held?
By integrating innovative features available in the digital exchange ecosystem together with the growing consciousness of consumers, Ethica will create an ethical digital exchange platform that will champion projects that have environmental and social impact with investment capital from users and investors aligned to their various causes.
The successful launch of the Ethica tokens will lay the foundation of the Ethica ecosystem. Buyers and holders of Ethica tokens support the building of a fair economic system and will earn rewards for doing so.

The whitelist users will be able to access our ecosystem via: https://tokenhub.ethica-x.io/
All information and whitepaper will be published on the website after the first event

Here are the teams behind the project:
Krishna Ramachandra – Global expert and thought leader in Blockchain & Digital Ecosystem. International leading lawyer in Corporate Governance, Capital Markets & Corporate M&A.

Jason S. Peter – 20 years as an Entrepreneur, Brand Builder and Tech Investor, specializing in Strategic Partnerships within the Blockchain & Impact/Innovation space.

Nur Syukri Zakaria – Extensive experience in IT in various disciplines, passionate advocate for blockchain, consulting in many projects.

Keith Rabin – President of international consulting firm with over 26 years high-profile global experience in economic/business development, trade, and investment.

De Silva Joe Ronesh – 31 years career in public service covering policy formulation, communications and publicity, operations, homeland security and defence relations.

Vincent Choy – 16 years in the renewable energy and ESG industry, 5 years in blockchain and digital assets.

Vinothan Thevarasoo – 12 years across finance and technology with extensive experience in business development and go to market strategy.

Parani Ganesha – 25 years in finance across money markets, fund management, venture capital and corporate advisory.

Ivan Lee – 20 years in global financial, trading and securities brokerage industry. Worked in several crypto exchanges since 2018.

Vickie Chen Ting – 5 years across media, marketing, and social media for crypto exchanges. Strong exposure across China & SEA.

Lingem Kali – 20 years in trading, investment of financial instruments and cryptocurrencies.

Mohd Fadli Bin Saad – 15 years in the Information Technology field with extensive experience as blockchain consultant, security, and audit for different startups.

Hey @Ethica

The Curation Body made a negative review of your petition as you had submitted other (33874) with the same artwork.

Regarding 33874: is this a physical event in Singapore? When does it take place? Do you have any web or social media links to visit?


Hi, for 33874 due to some internal changes, the event was hosted in Dubai on 3 days : 20-23 March.
The landing page used for the event locates here: AIBC – Ethica

Thanks for your consideration.


This is a large amount of mint-links. How did you verify & track participation?

Did you close your form to submissions after the event?

hi frankie. I have submitted another appealing form for 33874 and im happy to start with 100-500 mint links. We currently have over 100 form submissions already for that event and would like to try 2 options: manual with mint links and batch delivery method since we also have their Ethereum address.

Im sorry I cannot modify this post to update the details but please check the latest appealing form for 33874 submitted to you yesterday.

Thanks a lot.

yes any form submissions after the date will not be qualified to receive the drop. For this event, over 130 contacts have been recorded.

Hey @Ethica

As I can see, you opened a new thread:

I’ll close this thread and continue the conversation on the other one, to avoid confusion.

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body