#33701 / New Issuer Support - Mistake on Code requests - should be 0 for a website drop

  1. Drop ID : #33701

  2. Community information
    Creating a new POAP for our company demo day attendees. Brinc is a Venture Accelerator with a community of startups and investors.

  3. Nature of the event
    We’re celebrating our Demo Days where our startups get to pitch in front of Investors and our network!

  4. Distribution plan
    We wanted to create a website for distribution! Unfortunately, I read the distribution FAQ page after the drop had been created so we requested for a number of codes then realised it should be on 0 instead. Please help! The image might also be too big… so not sure if it would be approved, fortunately we have a version that fits the criteria (500x500px).


Just confirming, you no longer need the secret-website? 152/152
But still are requesting 500/500 mint-links?

Also, how did you verify attendees?

@frankie We need the secret website but made a mistake of requesting mint-links before creating the website.

Our demo day lasts for 4 days (so 4 POAPs), we initially considering allowing other attendees who attended other days which is why we had 500 (then request for more later) but now we are only requesting codes for attendees for the actual day (hence, 152). We verify attendees via email which was used to register for the event (via Hopin platform).

@frankie We are good to go, we’ll just drop with links. Thanks!

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