#33566 - Brandverse Ambassador Token Reveal - POAP.delivery as delivery method


please approve this POAP request: #33566 - Brandverse Ambassador Token Reveal

This poap will be delivered through POAP.delivery , after we collect the addresses, as that’s the safest delivery method. We will do an AMA for the reveal of our first NFT, the Brandverse Ambassador token, the audience will be able to fill the form only during the AMA. After the AMA we will upload the addresses list and set up the delivery through POAP.delivery .

This is our POAP number 9, and we are using the POAPs to reward our community for the time that they spend with us. Based on the number and type of POAPs collected the community will be rewarded with WL spots for our collections.

Here you can find links about the poject:
http://brandversenft.com/ (new site will be released this week)

Please let me know if this drop follow correctly the guidelines for a Drop, or what needs to be changed.


Hey @Siberia7922

Have you already submitted the petition for Delivery? I couldn’t find it.
If you have, can you please share the Delivery ID?


hello @Fio not yet, we will add the addresses in 24 hours, and then I’ll update this thread, ok? Thanks.

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Perfect! Looking forward to reviewing your petition.


hello @Fio I just uploaded the addresses and created the delivery.
I requested also 20 unique links, because I noticed that someone did not fill the form correctly, but was in the AMA, so for those people, if they open a ticket, I’ll send them a unique link.

Please let me know if you need any other info!
Thank you

Hey @Siberia7922

How do you determine participation? I mean, how do you know that the people who fill the form were actually on the Twitter Space?

Hey @Fio as written here in the request this is how we managed the drop:

  • AMA on twitter space
  • Link to the form on our discord (people that were in the AMA joined the discord).
  • Snapshot of the twitter users that were following the Twitter AMA.
  • We opened the form during the AMA, the users filled it with their Twitter name and address (so we could check if they were in the AMA).
  • After the AMA we closed the discord immediately.

Hello @Fio I received the activation for the 15 unique links. But I am still waiting for the approval of POAP.Delivery.
Can you please tell me what is causing this delay?
I used this delivery method, after that you suggested me to use it for exactly the same use case.
I need an update as soon as possible, thank you.

Hey, apologize for the delay!

Your delivery petition has already received a positive review :slight_smile:

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body