#33490 - Choy March Madness!

  1. #33490

  2. Fat Choys is a community inspired by Chinese Zodiacs. www.twitter.com/thefatchoys; discord.gg/fatchoys

  3. Nature of the event
    Members will play zodiac basketball with our custom Discord Bot! Users who participate in each round will get a POAP per round to commemorate their participation.

  4. Distribution plan
    We’re giving this POAP to our community members who are participating in Round 1 of our March Madness activities via Discord bot. We created this bot too only share POAP links with real participants, and non-winners will be able to try again periodically. Our community loves to commemorate their participation with POAP!

  5. Why do you believe this petition is being held?
    I think it’s just stuck in the queue or needed more info. Thanks!

Hey @friendoftheprogram

How do you know who were real participants?

Great question

Only people who can participate in our Discord games are human-verified by a verify and collab land bot.

We have intense bot gating in our Discord at the moment.

Hey @friendoftheprogram

We followed up on this petition here:

I’ll close this thread to avoid confusion.