33399, 15-Mar-2022

  1. 33399
  2. KONG Land (kong.land) (Snapshot)
  3. POAP is to celebrate those who vote in the first official Snapshot proposal
  4. Distributing through the Snapshot proposal or manually via the official Discord where the proposal was announced if not added in time. Those who voted who aren’t in the Discord can join and verify their voting address to also receive their POAP.
  5. No idea why it’s being held. Have submitted many POAPs before that follow the guidelines

Can you please fill out this form? POAP Snapshot Proposal 🔗 Request

Submitted one yesterday but just filled it out again w/ discourse link! Thanks

Hi fiorescan,

There was something wrong with the first Snapshot proposal so a new one will be made soon. Should I just edit the dates of this POAP/fill out the form again with the new proposal link? Is there anything I can do to have the POAP get approved faster before the proposal goes live again?

@Fio The new Propsal link is here and I filled out the Snapshot form again with updated information. Can I get any update? I would honestly prefer just the links if it’s this much of a hassle to get it on the proposal. @frankie @TheSquanch @isabel ? Know you’re trying your best but would appreciate an update. Thanks

Hey @sacris

The POAP Curation team will review your Snapshot proposal soon.
POAPs can be distributed even after the voting is finished :slight_smile:

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Hey @sacris

Congrats! :dizzy: Your Snapshot has already been linked.

All the best
The POAP Curation Body