#33352 - Chaharshanbe Suri

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  3. Nature of the event
    The Suri festival is related to the praise of the sun and the dead. Sur, meaning red, also means sun, solar deity, and Surya. As Herodotus explained, the Ertaeyans (Aryans) worshipped the sun.The importance of fire is evident in the stone inscriptions of the Achaemenid kings, and the very first mantra of the Rig Veda is in praise of fire. Chaharshanbe Suri and Holi share roots in ancient Aryan religions.
    The event is celebrated in Iran, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Iraq, Afghanistan and Tajikistan.
    We have chosen this day as an excuse for joy and dancing, and we will distribute POAP to all participants of this event from different nationalities on our Discord server.
  4. Distribution plan
    We got the address of the users’ wallet through google form and accordingly we will distribute 57 POAPs.
  5. Why do you believe this petition is being held?
    After following up with the HC department, I found out that my application for POAP was not approved.
    The reason for this non-confirmation is the possibility of MeanFi connection with Iran.
    MeanFi project has no connection with Iran. The list of project investors clearly shows that if this project was Iran based, it could not attract such investors at all. You can confirm the accuracy of my statements by checking the information posted on the website, medium, LinkedIn, etc.

Hey! Thanks for all the context.

How do you plan to distribute? Do you have a list of the event attendees?


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Yes. We have compiled a list of user’s addresses based on which we will distribute POAPs


Hey! How did you collect the addresses?

Hey! In the middle of the celebration, the Google Form’s link was provided to users to enter their information (wallet address and Discord ID).

In that case, we recommend to submit a Delivery petition.

Delivery is a tool that whitelists Ethereum wallet addresses to be eligible to mint a particular POAP. Here you can find more info about Delivery: POAP Distribution Methods 101 | POAP Help Center

I have already used this address(POAP) for POAP delivery.
But first I need to confirm my request

Hey @masoud_msd

Sure, please submit the delivery petition and we will be happy to review it.

thank you. I submit a delivery petition now. :pray:

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My Delivery Request has been approved, but my initial POAP request has not been approved yet.



Why did you need 2 forms of distribution? End-date is - 02/23/22

You had 35 unused POAPs via delivery.

Dear @frankie , the problem is solved.
The delivery request was approved, but the delivery page did not work.
Thank you and @Fio for your help and guidance.

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