#33026 - GLORY TO YOU (Delivery #1730)

  1. Drop ID: 33026
    Delivery ID: 1730

  2. Community information

  3. Nature of the event

    To celebrate Glory Lab’s Twitter followers reaching over 1,000. This is an important milestone to remember. :blush:

  4. Distribution plan

    I set up a Google Form for my followers to fill out with their Twitter profile links and Ethereum addresses, a unique Google account is required to fill out the form. After the data was collected I wrote a script to exclude incorrect Twitter profiles and duplicate Ethereum addresses/Twitter profiles. Then I manually exclude some suspected farmers’ accounts.

Thank you for your patience in reviewing. Have a great day!

Hey @Kira

Thanks for the context! Can you clarify which is the eligibility participation criteria? Is there any proof of being an engaged follower?

Hi fiorescan, as it says in the POAP description, this is the 1000 followers memorial.

I have an impression of active followers, such as those who have communicated with me before or have liked my tweets. Most of them have experienced my app and can be considered as qualified participants. This is the number of active users of my app, which has over 1,500, and most of these users overlap with Twitter followers.

The total number of participants was nearly 3,000, and it took me three hours of sifting to come up with a list of 900 addresses.

For my last campaign, I developed my own api for distribution and embedded the campaign in the app.


While distributing the link directly in the app is a more efficient approach, it takes more development time and requires users to upgrade specifically for this purpose, which is a bit costly. Also, this campaign is about Twitter followers, and collecting addresses on Twitter obviously fits the theme better.

I take each POAP distribution very seriously, and hope to add quality content to the POAP ecosystem. Thanks again for your patience!

Thanks for the context!
I’ll send this info to Curators and let you know once they review your petition.

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Thank you, I received the confirmation email!

Great @Kira, thanks for letting us know!

Wishing you the best with your drop :slight_smile: