#32878 - Blocktrend x Chunghwa Telecom workshop

Event ID: 32878

Description: This POAP is made as the certification for attendees who participated Blocktrend x Chunghwa Telecom workshop 2022-03-17 @Taipei

Blocktrend.today is a subscription newsletter about crypto and its impact. It is published in Traditional Chinese, three times a week. It is now the most trusted crypto analysis in Taiwan.

Date: 17 Mar 2022
Codes requested: 100
Distribution method: Manually distribution using individual QR codes or link by face to face manner.

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Hi, I’m from Taiwan too.

I know Chunghwa Telecom is also the biggest internet telecommunications provider in Taiwan. This event must be knowledgeable and informative.
Wish you had a successful workshop!

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Guanny :laughing:

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Congrats!! Your drop has been reviewed with positive results :star2: :dizzy:

We hope you have a stellar event. Hǎoyùn!! 好運 !!

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@guanny Thanks for showing community support :slightly_smiling_face: