#32695 - First live event launched by Crypto NEA Community - Top-up wasn't confirmed

Hi! We organised an event two weekends ago (12/03/22) and we sent a request for 100 POAP’s but, we received 30 links only.

The thing is that at the event were 60 attendees total, so we requested an additional for that number. We received the email that says that the top-up was being processed but, we never received the confirmation email.

Now, the POAP event is disabled for minting (due to expiration time) so, we would like to know how to proceed in this case.

The event number in POAP is #32695 and none POAP was reclaimed, because we were waiting for more supply before distributing the links.

Link to event: POAP Gallery

Thanks in advance!

Hey @cryptonea

Where did the event take place?
How do you plan to distribute the mint links?

:slight_smile: hi @fiorescan!

The event was at BUQ Bar, a pub which is located in Resistencia, Chaco, Argentina.
Here is our Instagram: Login • Instagram where you can see in highlight stories about the event.

We have the email list of the attendees so we plan to distribute them via email.

Hey @cryptonea

Can you re-submit your top-up petition for 30 mint links?

Hi @Fio !! Can I? I mean, this is what the backoffice page shows:

@Fio, ignore last post please. I figured it out! The problem was that I had to change the Expiry Date to an updated date first. I did it and the option for request more codes was enabled. I’ve just submitted a request for 30 additional mint links.

Congrats, looks like your top-up petition received a positive review. You’re all ready to go! :rocket:

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body