#32464 - PLR Gov Call - 10/03/2022

1. Drop ID: #32464
Thanks for joining March 10 Pillar Community call, hope to see you again soon!
2. Community information
Twitter: https://twitter.com/pillarwallet,
Discord: https://chat.pillar.fi
Website: https://www.pillar.fi
2. Nature of the event
The purpose of this POAP is to reward every member that joined Pillar Governors call
3. Distribution plan
Using “POAP website” with additional secret phrase to prevent farmers
Date: 10.03.2022 / 5:00 PM UTC


Congrats!! Your drop was reviewed with positive results :star2: :dizzy:

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body

Thanks for your efforts !! :no_entry_sign: on :basket: :farmer: : )