#32114 - Need to reduce mint links

Event id: #32114

I accidentally requested too many codes for my drop (I only need 30 code links and requested 300 on accident). Our event is tomorrow and I want to do a live secret code to claim so I don’t want it to get stuck in the appeal process because of my error! Thank you in advance.

Hey @apeblocks,
Thanks for letting us know.
You actually don’t need to request any mint links at all if you want to use a secret word. Just input 0 on the " How many mint links do you need?" field and request your secret word afterwards.
Contact support under http://poap.xyz/ if you have any problems setting that up.

Okay great! So do I need to do anything to update that or will your team be able to bypass the request on your end so I can get the secret word delivery request out? TYIA

No need to bypass anything, you can just request your secret word immediately :slight_smile:
So, if i understand correctly, you don’t need the mint links at all ?

I don’t believe so based on what you told me with the secret word. I already put my secret word request through with 400 link requests (I’m a little worried we might need more as this is a big event but hopefully that process is easy to add more if necessary).

Is it better to request more links that you think you need when it comes to a secret word delivery since it’s time sensitive or would that affect it’s chances of being approved?

Hmm, can you tell me more about your event ?
On which platform will it take place ?
400 over secret word is already a large amount.

It’s okay to request a bit more codes as a buffer, but it should be appropriate to the amount of participants you are expecting.

We have 20 projects collaborating for an NFT Charity Game Night where Twitch host (with 20k followers) will be hosting in addition to Zeneca (244k followers) and lots of projects with communities of over 10k. I understand it might seem like a lot, but we are donating $1 for every participant to Ukraine who attends and I really feel like it’s an accurate representation of how many links we will need. I would say 300-350 would be the average but I don’t want to not have enough.

Also, if we can’t get 400 links approved, please let me know what you think is a fair amount considering the event we are putting on. I’d rather be able to offer participants something instead of nothing so whatever will get it approved before the event I’m willing to work with you on!

Hey @apeblocks,
Just want to confirm here that your drop got a positive review (for the full amount) :slight_smile:
For your next event, if it’s a Twitch livestream, you might want to check out POAP.gg.

Oh, btw, could you please use the template for your appeal next time ?
Have a look here

And here

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