#31779 - \|/8immortals_OG_Bhadanta - 2022 (Drop-requests)

Event ID#:
(Request Time: 2:00 PM, Monday, March 7, 2022. Not 24hr yet.)

Community information
Twitter: https://twitter.com/8immortals_gj
Website: https://8immortals.xyz/
Opensea: https://opensea.io/collection/8immortals
Instagram: Login • Instagram
Facebook: Redirecting...
ArtTeams: https://www.grassjelly.tv/

Nature of the event
To commemorate the first wave of 888 [ |/8immortals NFTs] minted on 2022-03-07 PM13:30(UTC+8).
Only 888 holders can get the OG_Bhadanta title. I want to give these a POAP to remember this moment.

Distribution plan
I want to use the “POAP website”, then all the 888 holders can mint the POAP in a single window.
Start Date: 2022-03-10
End Date: 2022-03-19

Why this petition is being held?
This is the beginning of the 8immortals community. A great moment that is worth being written on the blockchain.

The POAP content was: ( Not Low quality or Repetitive artworks.)

If you can kindly release 888 POAPs will be a big help to our community!
Thank you, The POAP Curation Body. :woman_technologist: :man_technologist: :technologist:

Guanny :hugs:


Your event criteria reviewed with positive results.
However, the curation body will not positively review this drop for a POAP website.

For this use case the Curation Body insists on utilizing delivery.
This method will prevent farming + ensure your intended holders receive their POAPs.

I’ve also attached 2 video tutorials that may be helpful.

POAP Delivery Tutorial
Community made resource: POAP-Master-Class

Please request a POAP.Delivery for all 888 holders.

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Hi @frankie !

Happy to get the positive feedback and the useful POAP-Master-Class viideo from you.
I will request to a “POAP.Delivery” for all 888 holders, when all the mints have been completed.

Thank you for the immediate reply and the practical advice!
Guanny :grinning:

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Hello @frankie,

Good news! Our first wave \|/8immortals NFTs were sold out!

So I can quickly sort out the ETH address for the holders and I already request a POAP.Delivery. It is #1669 - \|/8immortals_OG_Bhadanta
(Request Time: 1:00 PM, Monday, March 8, 2022. UTC+0; Not 24hr yet.)

Would you want me to open a new “Topic” for the drop requirement?

Share my happiness with the POAP Curation Body and thank you!

Full with Joyful,
Guanny :kissing_closed_eyes: :partying_face: :star_struck:

Hi @frankie ,

There is one more thing :

I noticed the ID of this POAP.Delivery seems a little bit weird (#1669 I thought it will be higher), could you please check it is right or not? I’m wondering if there is something wrong?

Thank you! :pray:


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@frankie GM!
Been working with this customer from intercom, wondering if we could get an update as they are waiting on a delivery request :slight_smile:

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The delivery #1669 is fine. Nothing to worry about.

I just noticed, this delivery request is for 499 POAPs? We thought you required 888?

Your request should be processed shortly.
Thank you for your patience :pray:

Thanks for checking in.


Good Morning, @frankie and @dyllon!
(It’s 2022/03/12 AM08:40 in my time.(UTC+8) :sweat_smile:)

I will share the good news for the holders when the mint website is available!

Yes, there are only 499 holders when I took the snapshot. I think there are some people holding multiple NFTs. (The initiator allows the WL can mint 2 NFTs at the most.)
So, there are only 499 POAPs in the POAP.Delivery.

A Huge Grateful for the POAP Curation Body and appreciate your kind assistance.

I will keep creating high-quality POAPs for precious things and valuable moments. Thank you!

Guanny :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



Your delivery has been reviewed with positive results :star2: :dizzy:

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body