#31747 - Panda Earth Rescue Mission - First 100 (Drop date: 2022-03-11)

About the event:

  • This POAP is an exclusive reward for the FIRST 100 people to wrap a 2018 Panda Earth NFT.
  • In early 2018, Panda Earth was a first of its kind virtual breeding game designed to promote real-world Panda conservation. By late 2018, it was abandoned. The Chinese developers left suddenly, crippling the project. 15% of the Panda NFTs became “‘extinct” as the metadata was stored on now dead servers.
  • Fast forward to 2022, and the Panda NFTs are back. A global community rescued the project by innovatively wrapping the Panda NFTs with intact 2018 metadata.

Twitter info: https://twitter.com/PandaEarthNFT

Website: https://pandaearthnft.com/

About wrapping:

  • Wrapping a token is exchanging one set of standards for token interaction with another set of standards. Not all NFTs adhere to the same standards of creating a token, sending a token, displaying metadata. The most common standard, [ERC-721], was defined with CryptoKitties and has been used as the core templates for projects that have since followed.
  • Wrapping is particularly common for historical NFTs such as Cryptopunks, Mooncats, Curio Cards, Rare Pepes and Crypto Cards. All of these projects pre-date the established ERC721 standard thus are wrapped to enable them to be traded on modern-day NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea.

Distribution – Twitter DM

  • Step 1: We’ll create a database of holders who wrap their Pandas on launch day.
  • Step 2: We’ll then ask each holder to dm us on Twitter once they have wrapped their Panda(s).
  • Step 3: Each holder will receive a unique link to redeem their POAP via dm.


This is the first in a series of POAPS for our wrapping event. All of our holders who wrap their Pandas will receive a POAP. I’'ll be creating additional petitions.

(1) First come, first served POAPs will be distributed based on the order each holder wraps their Panda.

  • 1-100 holders → “Panda Earth Rescue Mission” - “First 100” POAP (100 links)
  • 101-300 holders → “Panda Earth Rescue Mission” - “First 300” POAP" (199 links)
  • 301-1000 holders → “Panda Earth Rescue Mission” - “First 1000” POAP" (699 links)
  • 1001+ holders → “Panda Earth Rescue Mission” - “Early Adopter” POAP (1000 links)

(2) The quantity is quality POAP will be distributed to those who wrap 3+ Pandas

  • “Panda Earth Rescue Mission” - “Guardian” POAP (300 links)

@frankie Have I done everything I need to do for this to be reviewed?

:wave:@PandaEarth :panda_face: + :earth_americas:+ :rescue_worker_helmet:+ :school_satchel:

Unfortunately, this drop has been reviewed with negative results.

However, Curation would like you to resubmit your drops through POAP.delivery.

The best distribution method for this drop would be delivery.
POAPs are meant to bookmark life’s remarkable moments.
This method will ensure only your holders receive POAPs.

I’ve also attached 2 video tutorials that may be helpful.
POAP Delivery Tutorial
Community made resource: POAP-Master-Class

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body

Thanks for the feedback @frankie. I’m trying to create a delivery but it’s not working. I keep getting an error message: "Error creating delivery. body.secret_codes should match pattern “[1]{6}$”

Can you please advise?

  1. 0-9 ↩︎

Taking a look into it!.

Did you watch?-> How to Create a POAP Delivery - YouTube

There was some brief global server outages across various companies.

Please try again + let me know if you encounter the same issue.

@frankie Yes, I watched the video before attempting to create one.

So I was able to create a delivery but only for one of the drops (First 100). Can you see this on your end? When I added the other 4 drops to the delivery it didn’t work; I keep getting the same error. Should I just create separate deliveries for the other 4?

Also, when I go to “manage deliveries” and search for the delivery I just created, it doesn’t appear. I’m also unable to edit the delivery (I chose the wrong image URL). It says “invalid code” but I’ve triple checked that I’m using the correct code.

Could you please contact the POAP Customer Support team?

You can chat with them via the chat bubble at the POAP website

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body