#31719 ConsenSys Workshop

  1. Drop ID: 31719
    Requesting a drop approval for the ConsenSys 2022 CS workshop.

:wave: @CMcKayS

I hope the CS workshop goes well!! :sparkles:

In the future please, specify your distribution method.
Event ID: 31719 | Delivery ID:1647
I see you are using delivery; good choice for this use-case.

The current artwork is cut-off & extremely off center.
Can you provide an updated logo to use for this POAP?

  • Recommended: measures: 500x500px, round shape, size <200kB

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body

Hello Frankie,

Thank you for the reply! I have updated the image and created a new delivery event, not sure if that was correct, but couldn’t seem to edit the previous delivery event? I hope this works :slight_smile:


I should have an update for you shortly.


Please send the original artwork to comms@poap.io

Hello Frankie,

The email to comms@poap.io was returned ‘undeliverable’ :frowning:

Attached are two files:

  1. the ConsenSys logo, which is the ‘original’ artwork I provided.
  2. the photo of the group, which is the preferred artwork, but I understand if the logo is used instead.

Support @ MetaMask :fox_face:| ConsenSys

NEVER share your “Secret Recovery Phrase” with anyone!

Make sure you have your Secret Recovery Phrase written down and stored someplace safe.

consensys-featured-logo (2).png

Sorry @CMcKayS

Could you please use this one instead? curation@poap.io

Also please check the guidelines for the artwork:

  • Art should be uploaded as a PNG file, or an APNG or GIF with a .png file extension.
  • Art should be cropped to a circular shape no larger than 500px in diameter.
  • For proper display across applications, file size should not exceed 200 KB.