#31664 - ETHGas.watch


I’ve created a drop for all members of ETHGas.watch

This service has been running as a free, open-source service for almost 2 years. It used to allow to set email alerts to get notified on gas price movements. It’s no longer possible to register and create email alerts.

This service is now deprecating and merging with another project (useWeb3).
It will soon redirect to ETH Gas tracker ⛽ useWeb3.xyz

This POAP commemorates the service and a thank you to everyone has used and supported us over the last years.

Event id: #31664
Amount of codes: 25.000
Distribution method: I’ll send unique claim links to an already existing email distribution list. Signups are no longer possible, so POAPs can not be ‘farmed’.
No additional codes will be needed after this.