#31664 - ETHGas.watch appeal


I opened an original thread here, but I see I might’ve opened it the wrong category. Can’t edit/move it anymore though. So opening another thread, so it hopefully gets noticed this time?

  1. Drop ID: #31664

  2. Community information

This service has been running as a free, open-source service for almost 2 years. It allowed you to set email alerts to get notified on gas price movements.


  1. Nature of the event

This service is deprecating and merging with one of my another projects (useWeb3). But more than 20k people have used this service over the years. Which ironically, is also one of the reasons for shutting it down (costs were unsustainable).

Alerts have been disabled now (no new registrations allowed).
And a redirect will soon go to ETH Gas tracker :fuelpump: useWeb3.xyz, to still inform and educate people about gas and fee markets.

This POAP commemorates the service and is a thank you to everyone has used and supported it over the years. It was designed at POAPathon, and I’d love to send these out.

  1. Distribution plan

All POAPs will be send to the existing email/user list. Each email will contain its own unique claim link. Since it’s no longer possible to register or use this service, it’s not possible for this list to grow or to farm this POAP.

Requested codes was 25.000
The exact amount of email registrations is 23.693, but I’d love a few extra (23.700 would be fine)
No additional codes will be needed after this.

  1. Why do you believe this petition is being held?

Not sure if my account is flagged from previous events that were farmed?
See https://discourse.poap.xyz/t/26372-poc-early-adopter-2022-request-500-codes/

I’ve been doing my best to work and design better strategies there (sybil resistance), this is a completely different project, with another strategy and distribution method.


*Please also see: https://discourse.poap.xyz/t/31560-useweb3-appeal/


:fuelpump: :fuelpump: :fuelpump:

Thanks for being very detailed!! It makes it easier for us to review your drop provided that context.

Congrats!! Your Drop was reviewed with positive results :star2: :dizzy:

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Thank you!

I would appreciate your feedback on my other appeal as well