#31655 BanklessDAO Edu Guild Weekly #41 - 6 Mar 2022


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Event ID: 31655


BanklessDAO Education Guild Weekly #41 - 6 March 2022. Educators, Mentors, DAO-ists come together at this weekly meeting to discuss how to guide and empower those journeying into the DAO and the sprawling wilderness of the crypto, web3-sphere.

Artwork by Asturias features a fledgling Ketupa Ketupu Owl buffing itself. This symbolises the guild’s determination to become stronger and better.

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Date: 6 March 2022

Codes requested: 30

Distribution method: Manual

Thank you!!

Hey @Asturias,
We just made a positive review of your event ! :slight_smile:


@Asturias - can you please be sure to post in #community:appeals next time?

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