#31585 - Past 24 hours, Claim Links haven't arrived

  1. #31585
  2. Community information
  3. Nature of the event
    We’re using POAPs to reward event attendance - this one was about learning about POAPs!~
  4. Distribution plan
    Individual claim links
  5. Why do you believe this petition is being held?
    Maybe the low number that’s being requested?

Hey! We’ve seen these - please review Curator Guidelines: Creating Quality Drops. You need to use different art work every time you create a different drop.

Ok - is a change in text sufficient. e.g.
If nothing changes about this image

But in the art, we include the date that it was issued, will that be sufficient? Aka the illustration is the same but where it says “Planktoons”, we change it to have the date it was issued OR the event name, would that be sufficient?

Preferably you’d do both, but yes, that would be fine in spirit.

Ok thank you @isabel!

I’m super grateful for this - POAPs as an on-chain mechanism to prove attendance has allowed us to create a gameified experience for our holders thereby providing value for engagement since part of the value of our community and project is our awesome members showing up to things.

If y’all ever need a case study or are interested in having us speak on that to bring awareness to applications of POAP technology that has enhanced values in the NFT + crypto space, definitely feel free to hit us up @PlanktoonsNFT or reach out directly to me, the community and technical manager, @cryptobytch

Thank you <3

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