#31572 - I received 10 codes instead of 100

Hello, I have 2 problems and really disappointed from what I experienced.

We talked about an event renewal for an image change on January. But as the image can’t be changed, as a solution team also approved that creating a new event will be the best way. But after creating it, I never received the codes for that event. + Couldn’t get any reply to any of my emails… I gave up at the end and this put me in a bad position in my Discord channel.

And now after 2 months, I had to create another event for a private listing for a future project, I was also planning to use this for the first problem to compensate that I couldn’t send POAPs to people. And just received the codes, but only 10 codes… I requested 100 even tho I needed 222, thinking that you will not send codes again, I decided to split it. But getting only 10 links is really weird. Can someone explain me what’s going on and can we fix this issue please?

I was so selective in my listing and no one will be mining or something if that’s the case. I will be giving the codes cautiously, if I can have them one day of course…

I don’t want to disappoint people again and it’s really bad for my image as an artist.
I really like POAP app and want to always add this to my workflow for special events etc. but really don’t understand why is it so hard to create an event as we wish and get the amounts of codes we need…

Would appreciate any fast solution.
Thank you.

Can you please submit an appeal using the template provided? I just reviewed this for 10 mint links because I was confused as to what you were trying to do, and the practice of submitting in chunks is a really bad one.

I didn’t understand what you mean by submitting in chunks?

“I want 212 mint links so I’m going to request 100, then 100, then 12”

Please use the template provided to explain what you’re trying to accomplish.

This replies are really not helpful. I didn’t understand why is this approach.
I’m just trying to ask for some help.

I requested 100. Because in the previous event that we talked with the team, one of the team members suggested me requesting the codes in batches. By using 100-100 etc… That’s why I requested 100 first.
Then you sent me 10.
Then I requested by the event page again, by writing 212 which in total it makes 222, my main requirement.

I’m trying to find the template

When you first post in #community:appeals , you are given a template. Please see:

About the Appeals category

Thank you found it. Writing it now