#31559 Tally Community Call March 4th 2022

Description: Tally weekly Community Call. We had EPNS and POKT network joining us, and discussed future integrations into the Tally wallet.
Date: March 4th 2022
Codes Requested: 650 (635 recorded by DEGEN, 15 spares)
Distribution: Degen bot

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Hey @naxsun :wave:

Can you please post in the Appeals Category?

:point_right: About the Appeals category

Hey @fiorellascantamburlo!:wave:

The drop was approved. Do I need to appeal? Or do you mean next time I should not submit in drop requests?

To be sure, my request was not rejected anywhere in the processπŸ™‚

I meant for future drops :slight_smile: We are changing the way we use Discourse to interact with the community, having different categories for different purposes. Here’s more info: Navigating Discourse

Enjoy your event!
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