[#31479] [03.07.22] [Mint links]

Hello POAP team, i am currently with the Crypto Mondays San Juan

  1. Drop Information

This drop will only be claimable for only people who attend the Crypto Mondays San Juan event on March 7, 2022.

  1. Community information

Website: https://www.cryptomondays.org/
Facebook: Crypto Mondays San Juan
Instagra: Login • Instagram
Twitter: https://twitter.com/cryptomondayssj
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQwPInuAVJRx_13fLG89e3g/featured

  1. Nature of the event

This POAP represent attendance for the Crypto Mondays San Juan event and it also grants exclusive discord chat for holders only

  1. Distribution plan

Mint links will be distributed via the POAP Website QR Code, it will be printed in a large 24 x 48 Frame and be place on stage after 8:15pm

  1. Why do you believe this petition is being held?

Not sure, i have never had any issue on summitting an event before, my only issue with POAP is that the last time that i used it. the website distribution for the event crashed. and had a lot of people complaining about feeling left out of the POAP

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Hey! Thanks for reaching out.

Last time you did the website, we had noticed it got farmed (the URL was likely too easy to guess). Can you change the URL (add some random numbers and letters)? Once you confirm that’s done, we’ll push it through.

Good evening @isabel hope you are doing well. Thank you so much for the reply, I just updated the poap website for the event.

Cool, and I’m glad we’re (hopefully) making distribution better this time! In the future, check out qr.poap.tech – its a live dispenser that supports distribution of individual mint links IRL via a single URL, and really good for having at a check in desk.


Thank you really appreciated, to my knowledge the Crypto Mondays San Juan is making a project which would include two more events thought POAP, we love working with this technology and everyone seems to like it a lot, in the events we always include credit for the POAP official logo with website for people to see you around the world.