#31468 - Appeal

  1. Drop ID #31468
  2. Community information:
  1. Nature of the event
    The reason for the POAPs was because a project was selected to go into Space, to orbit earth for 1yr aboard the International Space Station, as part of the moonmars project. This event took place 2 weeks ago.

We are providing POAPs for the members of the community that hold the Crypto-Pills NFT.

Crypto-Pills by Micha Klein is the name of the NFT project. Micha is a renowned artist of 30+ years, who has been showcased in museums around the world. His works have been presented at Sotheby’s & Christie’s.

  1. Distribution plan
    We will distribute via a discord portal for verified users. Each user will scan a QR code as generated by the program recommended by the POAP website.

  2. Why do you believe this petition is being held?
    I understand now that requesting so many at one time is a red flag. Because this event already happened an each of our holders (2,232) will be eligible to recieve, we requested that amount.

Please let me know how to respolve this so I can learn for future events.

thank you and the review committee.

Hello @isabel, I have created the appeal using the appropriate format. What do I need to do or who do I need to tag in order to know the appeal is under review? What is the workflow

thank you

Hey @mr_pillman

Sorry for the delay. We have some questions regarding your petition:

How do you plan to distribute the codes? How do you determine participation?

Hello and thank you for the response. I plan to distribute via QR codes or whatever means the council determines is viable. Please assist me so that I can finally distribute to the community

Participation will be awarded to all individuals who own the Crypto-Pills by Micha Klein collection. This collection has been verified by Opensea and the artist is a well known and renowned artist with over 30yrs experience.

There are 2,230 individual wallets that can claim the POAP.

In that case, the best option would be distributing using Delivery.

Delivery is a tool that whitelists Ethereum wallet addresses to be eligible to mint a particular POAP. Delivery is a practical solution for issuers that have access to the wallet addresses of their collectors, and for issuers who require a high standard of reliability in terms of the correct collectors minting the POAP.

Can you please submit a Delivery petition?

Is that the remaining item. Will this allow me to deliver this to my people?

where do I submit a delivery petition?

Here’s a step by step guide: