#31341 - Pixel Personalities by Silver - Live Mint

  1. Drop ID: 31341
  2. Community information - http://www.geneticchain.io in real life gallery event + live mint for Pixel Personalities by Silver on Saturday March 12th at 60 Broadway in Brooklyn, NY
  3. Nature of the event - NFT art display + In real life mint and gallery opening in Brooklyn, NY
  4. Distribution plan - Dynamic QR code for attendees
  5. Why do you believe this petition is being held? - requested 500 mints (too high?)

Thank you for your time.


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You’re located on the bottom of The Gretsch Building :guitar: ?

Can you provide more social links (twitter, Instagram, Social Mentions, etc.)?

How large is your community? Expected amount of attendees?
How are you physically or digitally going to distribute codes?

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body

Hi @frankie ! Thank you for responding so quickly.

https://geneticchain.io/ sorry wrong link was posted.

Yes we are! :slight_smile: www.BottleneckGallery.com is our main business (11 years in this location), we recently transformed our second space into a full NFT gallery with 10 built in screens, it’s gorgeous. The gallery is called Genetic Chain.

We will have our first event on Friday, March 11th for an artist Kaleb Johnston for his pieces called Wavelength.

On Saturday the 12th we will have our Pixel Personalities show by artist Silver, with a live mint that will occur.

We are expecting about 200-250 people, since Discord is how we’ve built our base here is an invite: Genetic Chain

We have over 11.5k active members in our community.

Our twitter: https://twitter.com/GeneticChain

I know I requested 500, since this is our first POAP distribution, we weren’t sure of the process and if we need extras in case.

We will distribute via your beta dynamic QR code option, which guests will scan to redeem. I think we will be good with 200-250 POAPs available if you can supply.

Would love to see the POAP team at the event, it’s a free admission with refreshments! If the POAP team ever wanted to host an event, the space is yours :smile:

Thank you again for your time and I will continue to answer any questions that you may have.


Please request a top-up of 200 mint-links for your event :heavy_check_mark:

Requested! thank you!!

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Congrats!! your top-up was reviewed with positive results!! :star2: :dizzy:

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body