#31247 - Brandverse x Ledger - Security AMA

Hello POAP team,

please approve the drop of the POAP: #31247 - Brandverse x Ledger - Security AMA
Delivery type: Secret word.
Date: Monday March 07

In this case, the POAP will be delivered through secret word ONLY during the AMA (we will activate the secret word after it) to avoid any risk of POAP farming. We will do this Ama in collaboration with Ledger, we will explain the advantages of this wallet, and after it we will do a raffle between the collectors of this POAP to win 10 ledgers.

Considering our last drop, we expect between 120 and 200 attendees, but in order to avoid farming we will keep the number of claimable POAP as low as possible (150).

This is our POAP number 8, and we are using the POAPs to reward our community for the time that they spend with us. Based on the number and type of POAPs collected the community will be rewarded.

Please approve 150 claims for it.

Here you can find links about the poject:
http://brandversenft.com/ (new site will be released this week)

Please let me know if this drop follow correctly the guidelines for a Drop, or what needs to be changed.



Congrats!! Your drop was reviewed with positive results :star2: :dizzy:

Awesome Collaboration :safety_pin: | I hope someone that could really use a ledger, will win!! :heartpulse:

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body

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