#30709 - Brandverse Ambassador Token AMA - TOP UP Request - Secret Word


[#30709 - Brandverse Ambassador Token AMA - Secret Word ]

please approve the TOP UP request for this drop. During the last drop we achieved the limit of 145 POAP claimed through secret word in 35 minutes. We had a lot of tickets open on our discord and I had to spend hours following up and sending unique links (pic attacched).
I can assure that there was no farming, we had many people attending. I personally requested the secret word, and a screenshot of the Twitter Spaces to everyone that opened a ticket.

In order to avoid the problem for this drop, we requested 100 more POAP through secret word, and 50 POAPs to use as back up with unique links.
That should be enough to cover us for the next AMA and avoid problems with our community members. This AMA will be in partnership with Ledger, so we want really to deliver the best experience.

Here you can find links about our poject:
http://brandversenft.com/ (new site will be released this week)

Congrats!! Your request has been reviewed with positive results :star2: :dizzy:

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