#30682 - Bufficron at ETHDenver 2022 - More links

We originally requested 100 links, we have put a new request in for 1000 links given the expected demand for the POAP.



How will you be distributing this top-up?
How are you verifying participation?

Can you also provide links to your social channels etc. ?

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body

We are distributing with a custom telegram bot: GitHub - 0xtuytuy/bufficorn-poap-bot-delivery

We verify the users with their unique telegram names and if they are part of the right telegram groups.


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Thanks for providing that info!! All people in those telegram groups survived ETH Denver 2022?

Just confused about how this went for a request from 100 mints( friends & community ) to an additional 1000 mints?

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Hello Frankie,

Simply because we didn’t anticipate the number of people who would be interested, as you can see we have already minted all our original links.

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POAPs are meant to be distributed to specific communities as bookmarks of life’s remarkable events.

Did all the other people interested in claiming actually attend +survive ETH Denver 2022?

  1. How are you tracking this?
  2. Please provide proof of this.
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Hi there! This is yip from Unit Network. We requested the number of 1k POAPs based on following calculation:

12k-16k participants at ETHDenver 2022 >> of which 6-8% have been exposed to the Bufficron.

We distribute via the various TG and Discord Channels for participants who were at ETHDenver.

The Bufficron POAP was in such high demand that we ran out of the initial batch within a few hours.

→ I understand.

→ This makes sense

This was my question:
How do you know that the recipients in your groups actually went to ETH Denver?

I love :heartpulse: the artwork + the use case.

Just trying to prevent farming here :basket: :farmer:
(People that just want a free POAP because it’s collectable)

Please let us know!!

Hi there ! Because we only distribute this in the TG groups & official Discord which formed during ETHDenver. There’s only a handful of these. We don’t ask people to send in original tickets due to data privacy. We include in the bot to claim the POAP that people should only claim if they were at ETHDenver.

Hi @frankie ! I just talked to the community stewards of ETHDenver and they said that they are happy to share the POAP delivery bot for Bufficron POAP in their official ETHDenver channel if supply is raised. Think this is the safest way to make sure it’s spread only in the relevant channel. Unfortunately we don’t have the resources to do manual checks who has a ticket and who hasn’t. Hope you understand.

Thanks a lot! Let me know how you want to proceed.

Kind regards,


This top-up leads to not being approved due to farming & verification concerns.

We will have a final update for you shortly.

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body


We unfortunately cannot approve this top-up request.

Please back out to the ETH Denver Community Stewards & plan a drop for next year!.
We loved your artwork + use-case :slight_smile: :heart:

But in order for the POAP Curation Body to do so; we need you to be able to verify participants.
Happy to help advise you on future drop requests!

Looking forward ton seeing what else you have in store for the POAP Community.

Wishing you the best,
The POAP Curation Body