#[30605] [03/01/22] [Secret Word]

#[30605] [03/01/22] [Secret Word]
I am unable to edit the title or reply – not sure why. So I added what should be the title, at the top of this message.
Hi - we put in a POAP with secret word for Tuesday’s live show and just want to open up the ticket just to make sure it gets approved in time. #30605 - Episode3 POAPathon Live - you were there!

Please let me know if we need to do anything else. Thanks!

Please reformat the title as follows:

#[Event ID] [MM/DD/YY] [Distribution method]

[#30605] [03/01/22] [DEGEN Bot for Discord]

I’m moving this to #community:appeals

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And yes now the replies are back! They disappeared last night. And the fix for the title is working. Thanks for getting this processed --much appreciated!

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Congrats!! Your secret-word & mint-link drops were reviewed with positive results :star2: :dizzy: