30262 drop request

Here is the event ID for my drop: 30262

I also requested a secret phrase in connection with that. The event drop is supposed to happen this coming Monday, so I was hoping to get an update on the status of approval.

The POAP is for a webinar we are holding about crypto and how it is taxed. We cover a variety of strategies to help individuals save taxes on the crypto gains they have made. We cover tax strategies in relation to these topics:

  • Capital gains/trading
  • Crypto in retirement accounts (IRAs, 401ks, ETC)
  • Mining Crypto
  • Defi
  • Lending
  • Staking
  • NFTs (utility and collectible)
  • and much more

We are the leading group in the United States teaching these strategies. In many instances, we are the only company sharing these strategies.

We want this POAP to be part of this event because we are on the leading front of the crypto tax industry and we want to be practicing what we preach, by including an NFT drop as part of the event.


Hey @markjkohler

The Curation Body made a negative review of your petition as they are concerned about farming issues with your previous drop (POAP Gallery). For your community & ours farming doesn’t add value.Farmers are only after Free NFTs, they add no community value or engagement.

We recommend to improve your distribution method before submitting a new petition. You can learn more about this here:

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body

I understand your feedback. I guess our view on the NFTs has more to do with utility over collectability. We are using the POAPs as a way for attendees to get exclusive access to videos and discounts (depending on the event).

For us, the NFT use case has more to do with the utility and community. I don’t see how offering an NFT for each of these paid events doesn’t create that. (I want to emphasize, these are NOT free events).

I would love to understand based on this information I provided, how this differs from what you are looking for when it comes to approved POAPs. Especially when we hold multiple paid events during the year, does your team feel that it is out of the use case for use to drop NFTs for each of those events?

I would love to hear your feedback, we love the project and what you are doing, I just am having a hard time seeing how we don’t fit what you are wanting?

Hey @markjkohler
We love giving utility to the NFTs, but it seems the POAPs haven’t been responsibly distributed in the past and that’s why the drops have been farmed.

POAPs are special and unique digital collectibles that, when received by a collector, create a moment of delight and a lasting bookmark that preserves a memory forever. However, this delight can be dampened if the POAPs are minted by farmers, bots, or others who should not have actually received them. “Farming” is the practice of collecting POAPs just for the sake of it.

POAP issuers are expected to be responsible for the way they distribute POAPs to community members. The Curation Body review issuer’s past drops and check if they were responsibly distributed.

Some tips to avoid farming:

  • Mark your event as private

  • If using Website as distribution: use a totally random website URL (example POAP.website/xilfdj478

  • If using Secret Word: keep a short minting window and use a random word

You can read more about the subject on the POAP Distribution methods website.

That being said, for future petitions, we recommend being very clear on how you plan to distribute the POAPs (You can describe it on the POAP description) :slight_smile:

Let me know if you have further questions.

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body