#30194 - Sugar Club Metaverse & AmbieNFT - 2022

Event ID: #30194
Description: Virtual party decentraland
Date: 26 Feb 2022
Codes requested: 500
Distribution method: Private server Hprivakos with NEW CAPTCHA security system

We have only been granted 350 poaps from 500 request. We have a new system in place with secure Captcha anti spam server and therefore request the full nr of poaps.

We noticed you are granting higher number of poaps to other decentraland projects and wonder why the discrepancy since we use a very secure system for drop delivery. Our community is now gathering 2000/3000 users per week.

Hey @sugarclubmetaverse,

Thanks for the info! The Curation Body made a positive review for 350/500 codes because they didn’t know which dispenser you were using (we recommend to explain in the event description).

You can request more codes in the future if needed :slight_smile:

The POAP Curation Body