#30101 Covalent Turkey Community Call Representative Award - Feb 24th

Hello, I wish everyone a healthy day.

As the Covalent Turkey community, we would like to take participants from our communities to our regular Community Call meetings and listen to their ideas. In order to ensure safe participation in these meetings, we want to give POAP to five lucky people by holding an event in our Twitter community. Five people to be selected will be able to receive their POAPs after they complete the preliminary interview with us. Thus, these POAPs will not fall into the hands of fake/scam/malicious people. In a way, representatives of the people will be able to participate in our community meetings with POAP badges. After five community representatives to be elected, this number will increase in the future. We want to increase the number of these participants to 50. We value our community and want to manage our community according to their wishes.

However, we still have not received a response to our request on February 24. I wanted to open a topic here with the guidance of Ms. Isabel. If I have to repeat; These POAPs will not be distributed to social media contributors for participating. We will include five lucky people to be selected and include them in our team, and these POAP owners will be able to participate in our regular Community Calls and express their opinions. We care about the ideas of our community and elect a team of representatives so that we can hear their voices. Therefore, it does not present a dangerous or illegal situation.

My request is that you do not see this as an ordinary Twitter raffle prize and continue the process in a positive way. As the Covalent global family, we have been organizing many events for a year. I personally own 50+ POAPs and know well what that means. I will be waiting for your nice replies!

Thank you very much, best regards!

Thanks much @onur , and I really appreciate your taking this to the appropriate forum. In the future, please avoid posting POAP drop advertising to social media - this tends to produce bizarre behavior (“wen POAP” style floods).

I’ll review the request as soon as you confirm you understand the request.

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Thank you so much Isabel for your kind interest and support. I am aware of that and will really pay attention to it in the future. However, for our own safety, when choosing our community members, it is our best bet to check if they have POAP in their wallets. That’s why we love and trust POAP.

I can also share my personal wallet with you and you can browse the POAPs I have. We have organized dozens of events with our global community and we will continue to do so. Please do not view this event as classic Twitter giveaways and know that we want to use it as a digital authentication, pass-through. Thanks a lot again!

We got that part. Just don’t do the “posting POAP giveaway to Twitter” thing next time, and we’ll be good, ok?


Thank you very much! I will never forget your support. I will also pay close attention to this in all my future events.

I wish you healthy days! Have a good week already.