#29982 - Alluo: DAO Vote #1 - 2022

Event Id: #29982
Description: This is the first governance vote of the Alluo DAO.

This vote allows $ALLUO holders to direct the liquidity held by the protocol towards a set of Curve/Convex pairs. This sort of vote will happen at a regular interval, but the POAP will only be minted for this first instance.

We are proud of how far the community and Core team have taken this project so far and would like to make sure this day is remembered!
Distribution method: Snapshot
Codes requested: 100
Please link to snapshot proposal: Snapshot


That’s nice to hear :slight_smile:

Please submit through this form β†’ POAP Snapshot Proposal πŸ”— Request

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Hello Fankie,

I have submitted the form, could we please get some feedback ?

Hello @frankie

We have not heard back, the vote is starting today, we would love to be able to get this done asap.

Here are our links: https://alluo.com | https://twitter.com/GetAlluo | Alluo


Curation tried to recently re-review your snapshot, but the link did not exist.

Additionally, please throughly fill out all snapshot material for future posts.

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