#29977 - The Angels' Wing Launch (Need to amend image due to delay of event)

Hi there, we’ve had to delay our event launch due to the Ukrainian crisis.
Unfortunately we had inscribed the text ‘Feb 22’ in our POAP image that had already been approved (50 mint links given), and now need to update the image of the POAP to have the text ‘Mar 22’ instead.

Can you help to update the image since we haven’t used any of the mint links? Or do we re-apply for a new POAP drop? I contacted support and they mentioned it was best to come to this discourse to ask for advice, since a new POAP drop would mean applying for the approval of a POAP that looks very similar to the one that had been already approved, except with the month changed to ‘Mar 22’.

Thank you

Hey, we’d actually prefer you re-submit. This context is much appreciated, but you would have been ok!

Gotit. Thank you for your prompt response.
We’ll re-submit then. Feel free to delete / cancel all our requests related to this current #29977 event.