#29962, 29924, 29922, 29916, 29915, 29913

Hello…just check in on the events above :slightly_smiling_face:. I send these by individual links that I receive by email. The folks are excited to get these, they worked hard for them every week​:muscle::hot_face::running_woman:t2::weight_lifting_man:

Thank you :blush:

Hey! Thanks for checking in. These were submitted for one POAP for each event - we held on to them because we weren’t sure what you were trying to accomplish. How many people should be receiving each POAP?

Good morning Isabel,
Short Story:
We are looking for this program to grow and will be having multiples of each soon…as of now I need only one of each this week.

Long Story:
We host 1 event each week and individuals compete to earn POAPS. This is what they won for showing up to the event. In the future there should be more copies of each and more “medals” as we grow out the program :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank You,
Angelo Santitto
NFT Athletic Community


So, the main reason this raised a bit of a flag is that POAPs are meant for the celebration of collective memories. Being able to see into the lives (and POAP collections) of others who shared a moment with you is one of the best parts of being a POAP collector… so 1/1 POAPs aren’t really a thing.


  • Re-submit a petition for everyone who is part of the club at inception.
  • Wait until next week, when you have more than one entrant.
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Hello Isabel,

Thank you for the feedback. May you please expand what you mean by point one?

I would say that participating in sports events and recognizing and celebrating folks who are on their fitness journey trying to loose weight or become a better human should be celebrated and remembered each week. Waking up every morning and putting in the work to achieve these POAPs is not easy. Receiving these POAPs is a big deal to folks.

I also ran this by a representative of POAP and their only concern was that they did not feel like I could scale this, but that is my issue.

I just need to know if POAP is going to support this as there is demand for it(I am just in “test” phase right now) or not. If not that is fine…We will have to come up with another solution :slightly_smiling_face:I just need to know which way the organization is going to choose.

Thank You,
Angelo Santitto

Ah, hang on - if I’m understanding correctly, are you saying the petitions you submitted were tests?

They are real​:slightly_smiling_face:We only have 10 people in the program right now to see the process from start to finish and work out the “kinks”. If everything runs smoothly we will increase the enrollment. We just did not want to start with 100 people and not be able to deliver what we promised. It’s easier to tell 10 people sorry no POAPs and re-motivate after a let down vs management of motivation for 100s :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey @NFTathletic :wave:

As you already have 10 people, you can submit a drop petition for 10 mint-links :slight_smile:

Please let us know if you have any questions!

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body