#29945 - Davion Labs Lectures: #1 Overview of Blockchain Technologies

Event ID: #29945
Date: 2/24/2022
Description: Welcome to join Davion Labs Lectures! This is to certify your compliment of first lesson.
Distribution method: Mint Links && Website
Codes requested: 90 + 100

hey guys, glad to join Discource! I’ve tried create both 90 mint links and 100 drops on website for our lessons, but it seems still in pending, could anybody helps?
Any help regarding this would be gratefully appreciated!

can somebody help me?

@Fio @frankie can u help me sir, thanks a lot.

Hey @Roderick,

Welcome to our forum! :dizzy:

As I can see, Curation positively reviewed your petition for 10 codes.

Can you please clarify on that Davion Labs is? If you have any website or social media links would be much appreciated.

The POAP Curation Body

Oh sure,
Our project is called ApeX, which is a decentralized & non-custodial derivatives protocol
and the website link is https://apex.exchange/home
twitter link is https://twitter.com/OfficialApeXdex

And what’s the difference between Davion Labs & ApeX?

ApeX is powered by Davionlabs :grinning:

still cant claim Poaps on the website, it shows Something went wrong, sir

Could you help me? thanks! @Fio

Thanks for the information. We’ll send it to Curation and let you know once they had review the petition again.

Hey @Roderick

Since Website is not a good option for your use case, would you be able to re-submit your petition and ask for mint links instead?

A Website is not a good option for events with large attendance, those where attendees may leak the URL :frowning:

You can learn more about POAP distribution methods here: