#29943 MetaDoge Coin Race Game Beta Test Event (Drop Date: 04-03-2022 )

Hi Admins

This is Meta Charlie from MetadogeNFT. We are going to held an event at our Decentraland Land. This event is to do a Beta Game Test (SuperDogerio), it will be a coin race game like Super Mario. And we aim to make this POAP as a prove of people’s participation. Players can claim the POAP by POAP machine on our DCL Land.

If you like , feel free to come to our scene and have fun, but we will deploy the game scene in the event. Enter here: Decentraland

We are POAP active participants and has successfully organized more than 5 poaps events. And based on our proven record, each time we hold events, the poap is not sufficient to deliver to our community.

For example:

  1. #8570 Meta City & Metadogepunks Launch Event (with POAP and Wearable Giveaway)
  2. #13038 - MetaDoge Sky Maze
  3. #14690 PolkaWorld Community Meet-Up
  4. #20677 MetaDoge Pioneer Sale
  5. #17501Meta Pet Show

I believe the above content, prove that 1/ we have a clear meaning to giveaway the poap 2/ our community is real and legit. 3/ our record prove we are keeping following poap rules and our community need more poaps.

However sadly, we only got 200 poaps (we applied for 1000) in our last poap application, which is really not enough for the community. So, in the end, we cannot let players collect it in our scene, instead, we send them by hand in the form of a raffle. I think this is not a perfect condition for POAP and for us. So I hope this time we can get at least 500 POAPs in the beginning for the event, otherwise, a lot of the audience will argue, which is not good for us and POAP.

Our website: https://www.metadoge.art
Our DCL scene: Decentraland
Our Link tree:@MetadogeNFTlinks | Linktree
(Our Twitter (2918 followers) Discord (4900 members))


Meta Charlie

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Hey @Metalivestudio,

We’re happy you’re building a strong community :dizzy: and that you’re following the POAP Guidelines.

We’re concerned of POAPs being farmed and that’s why the Curation Body sometimes limits the amount of POAPs.

We noticed that some of your latests events were farmed and some weren’t minted for the total amount. Here you can see some examples:

#17501: POAP Gallery
#20677: POAP Gallery
#27168: POAP Gallery

We’re taking a look at your new petition now and will get back to you as soon as possible — we appreciate your patience :pray:

Thank you so much for this, I appreciate your investigation.

As for the 3 events you listed, the first one might relate to farm. But the second one was the poap we send one by one to our supporters, so it really cannot be farmed, and we send them all. The last one is the one I mentioned in the last message, the 200 poaps (we applied for 1000) is really not enough for the community, we cannot leave just 200 poaps in our event scene, otherwise ppl will complain about that. So instead we send the poaps in the form of a raffle, and we are still sending them.

We have reinforced our POAP claim security level, and hope that our petition can be approved, thank you!

Hi any updates on this, please?


Congrats, looks like your drop received a positive review. You’re all ready to go! :rocket:

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body

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