#29896 - Celebrating Women in Web3 and NFTs

Hello there, I created a new POAP - #29896 - Celebrating Women in Web3 and NFTs

Here is the link to the event happening both virtually and physically - Women in Web3 and NFTs Tickets, Wed 23 Feb 2022 at 18:00 | Eventbrite

Can you please let me know ASAP.

Hey @Cybercosmos

The Curation Body made a negative review of your petition for several reasons:

  • Engagement farming: The POAP Foundation frowns on overly superficial forms of engagement farming. POAPs as a reward for promotional activities (like generic social media engagement, or simply joining a community) are usually rejected in absence of further information for consideration. This is a clear case of engagement farming: https://twitter.com/cosmos_cyber/status/1495267352577208321?s=20&t=Zu2a_p-C_iog2Xzohy8reA

  • Repetitive artwork: The public facing metadata of a POAP is frequently the aspect most appreciated by collectors. The artwork can’t be repeated, you should create different artworks for different drops.

  • Issuer history: the Curation Body notices that you used a different email address from your old orders petitions. Deleting your history doesn’t make sense, but you can improve your drops by reading the quality guidelines.

Looking forward to reviewing more petitions in the future.

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body