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I’m trying to get mint links for #29860 - Gamestarter Gold Key - The Golden Ticket POAP. I submitted it on Feb 23rd and they were meant to be issued today. Can I please please get some assistance <3!


  1. Drop Information

Drop will be distributed to the first 500 loyal Gamestarter fans on Discord.

  1. Community information
  1. Nature of the event

The POAP celebrates the first 500 loyal Gamestarters that claim the GOLDEN TICKET POAP.

  1. Distribution plan

Mint links will be distributed individually via the POAP-BOT on Discord.

  1. Why do you believe this petition is being held?
    Unsure why POAP minting is being held back as it was requested since the 23rd of Feb.

Any updates? please help POAP team <3

Hey @Nugert,
Sorry for the delay. The Curation Body needed more info regarding your distribution method and that’s why your petition was on hold.

Do you have a list of the attendees?

For future drops :point_right: if you don’t receive the codes within 24 hours, please reach us here on Discourse!

Hello @fiorescan

Thank you for the reply. We don’t have a list of attendees as it is a live-event meaning we are distributing 500 POAPs to the first 500 that claim them on our Discord. Our Discord has 22,000 members already, our Telegram has 40,000 members and our Twitter has 100k+ followers so it would be hard to provide a list.

Hey @Nugert

It’s still quite confusing how you determine participation and the nature of the event which is being commemorated.

Can you please clarify? We would like to know how do you determine who is eligible for receiving the POAP.

All the best,

Hey @Fio

We are hoping to use the POAP to commemorate our Discord initiating a POAP recognition system to indicate to us who our most loyal members are. The participation is basically whoever shows up at the alloted time and mints the POAP will be recognised as the first people that got their hands on the POAP badge which would be used for our POAP raffles in the future. They are eligible to receive the POAP if they are a DISCORD community member.

I hope that makes sense.

Thanks for the info!

I will send it to Curators and let you know once they review your petition.

All the best.


Which bot are you using on discord?

1.Can you inform us on your Community Campaign: Other colored Key POAPS + Golden ticket POAP ?
2. Distribution is random? How do verify participants are not farmers :basket: :farmer:
( People that just want to collect POAP, because they are free NFT?)

If appropriate, we will likely ask you to submit a new drop request.


If we don’t hear back from you by Friday 3/18/2022 we are going to close out this post.

Hello can you please delete the POAP from your system. I will submit a new drop request.

We can’t delete the POAP petition, but you can submit a new request.
Please make sure to follow the Quality Guidelines:


All the best,
The POAP Curation Body