#29739 - ONE37pm Presents: Batman Round Table Discussion

Event ID: #29739

Description: “I am vengeance! I am the night! I am Batman!”

Thank you for watching the “Batman Round Table Discussion” on YouTube hosted by Bo Templin, Elton Jones, Conor Sheeran and Elizabeth Pagano. Brought to you by ONE37pm.


Date : 02/22/22-03/22/22

Codes requested: 500

Distribution method: secret word

For full context, we are publishing a one-time podcast episode on our YouTube page for ONE37pm about the new Batman movie coming out. In the hour long video four of our editors will be talking about the movie. During one of the talking points we want to hid the secret word for the POAP in the video. It will only be on screen for 5 seconds max and it will be difficult to see (but of course people can pause).

cc: @frankie


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