#29592 Drop code approval for manual distribution

Requested 150 codes for manual distribution. Event was on 2/21/22 at 9:00 pm EST

Hey @NFB :wave:

We need some more information from you:

Can you please clarify how you plan to distribute?
What methods are you using & where do you intend to distribute your POAP codes?
As this is a past event, how do you know who participated?

Also, there are some issues I wanted to bring to your attention:
It was noted that your latests drops may have experienced some farming issues.
For your community & ours farming doesn’t add value.
Farmers are only after Free NFTs, they add no community value or engagement. We want to make sure POAPs only are given to true community members & actual participants.

Tips for Secret Word in the future

Secrets are one of the more versatile distribution methods. Common use cases are digital meetups like Twitter Spaces or Discord stages where you can share the Secret verbally and close the minting window after the drop ends. Here are some tips for secret:

  1. The minting window should be from 10-15 minutes, in order to avoid the leak of the word.
  2. The word should be difficult, don’t use a word that is in the name of the event.
  3. Make sure that Secrets are shared verbally (as opposed to written and sent in a chat).

Hope this information was helpful!

We look forward to hearing from you,
The POAP Curation Body


So the codes are distributed by myself, to anyone who participated and dms the password within 24 hours. Definitely longer than your suggested times. We realize the bots and farmers are ever present, but I try my best to mitigate them. I take a screen shot of the twitter spaces attendees when the passphrase is dropped, and it’s never an easy passphrase. I then immediately dismiss the accounts that were not there or have the generic ‘welovepoap’ names. We’ve been trying to set up another distribution method. Hopefully a site. Where we can collect wallet addresses at the time of spaces. They’ll listen on twitter and be instructed to head to the discord to fill out a form, which will collect their address and be password protected. Then I can upload those to the site and ping attendees that their able to claim at our URL. When I tried this for this week, I mishandled the edit code and then it didnt get emailed the same way a drop edit code would. Any Idea how to recover this? Do you have any resources on setting up a page, I got a little hung up on WLing addresses’

Mainly, we understand farming is bad, pisses me off, especially after Ive sent out 100 links by hand. We’re looking to improve our distribution method, but as this event already passed, we’re kinda being counted on. Is there any way to approve our codes. I will be extra careful in insuring they dont end up in the wrong hands, and will have a new distribution method in place before our next event

Still looking for some assistance on this.

Lil bump, hoping to get this sorted soon, got a community of people waiting on this.

Still requesting feedback on this, is there something im missing or should be doing differently?

So are we just not going to get a reply on this what so ever? It is super frustrating to be blatantly ignored

Hey, sorry for the delay.

We’re sending the info to Curators and let you know once they have re-reviewed your petition.

I appreciate the response fiorescan, seriously! The approval went through, however, it was only for a third of the amount requested.

I can see why, with most of our previous poaps this is roughly the amount of legitimate mints. This event was a bit different in the sense that we collaborated with another project that brought more legitimate attendees.

I’ve been a lot more selective of which ‘attendees’ got approved. I’ve gotten about halfway through but have run out of codes. I’m requesting another 50 links if at all possible. As you will see from the minting that is taking place from this event is a lot more organic.

We understand that you guys offer and amazing service at no cost, and the hard work you put in is appreciated. It can get daunting being the front line between a project and a community. Here for you, if its ever needed. have a good rest of your day!

Hey @NFB
Your top-up petition received a positive review. You’re all ready to go! :rocket:

Thanks for offering help :pray:

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body