#29113 - 1st SCV Crypto Group Twitter Spaces - 2022-02-19

I made a mistake for my event #29113 - 1st SCV Crypto Group Twitter Spaces - 2022
I requested 300 on the event page because I didn’t know I could leave it at 0. The plan is to use a Secret. So on the Create Secret page, I requested the same number (300). Sorry! Will this delay my request?

SCV Crypto Group is excited to share with the world our first Twitter Spaces POAP! As a thank you for joining our event and spreading the word about how to cultivate your own crypto friendly neighborhood, this POAP will remind us all to take action and get involved with our mission to share, learn, educate and grow crypto adoption!

@SCVCrypto on Twitter

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Thank you for helping me! I received both links and secret word approval. This will work!

Hey @Moto!

Perfect! Enjoy you event :slight_smile:

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