#28960 Secret Word POAP not activated yet

I have created a secret password for a POAP I created last night. And still no approval can you help thank you.

Hey @taimazz,

Looks like your drop has already received a positive review for mint links.
As your event is a past event, a Secret Word is not a good option for distribution.
Secret Word is a method to share the word verbally and close the minting window after the drop ends.

Here you can find some resources that could be helpful for future drops:

If you need further assistance on distribution methods, please contact the POAP Customer Support team via the chat bubble at the POAP Website.

The POAP Curation Body

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So I’ve been working with this user on Intercom and have explained that Secret Words are the right method of distribution to use for their future Twitter Spaces drops, but they’ll need to submit their petition for codes further in advance.

Still, @taimazz is hoping to be able to distribute these POAPs to their previous attendees as they were unable to get the secret word approved in time for that drop. Is there any way that they might be able to collect addresses and set up a POAP.Delivery in a way that would satisfy the Curation team for approval? For example, perhaps they release a Google Form to their community where attendees are required to fill in something that they learned from the AMA as proof of attendance?

Thanks in advance, @Fio, apologies for the lengthy case here :sweat_smile: